Let's connect at my studio in San Rafael or in the comfort of your home. Discounts for groups of two or more.

Out and about:

Tuesday evenings (starting June 7th) at the Jewish Community Center in San Rafael off of North San Pedro Road (4-9pm).

Also, Sunday afternoons in Oakland off of Lakeshore Avenue, near the beautiful Lake Merritt at Namaste Yoga & Wellness Studio (2-7pm).


Breathe deeply and be well.


When we practice from our heart space, when we cultivate love to radiate out and in to ourself, the physical place matters little. Using this intention as one of the threads to weave through your practice of whatever length, will bring short and longterm satisfaction to the experience of being alive and being good enough just as I am. And as you are, you are beautiful. Breathe into that glimmer, polish that shimmer, soften into yourown inner ease.



Use the starburst of sun through the branches of these redwood trees to visualize your own heart energy spilling foward, behind, and to the sides of your torso as you breathe into that space.

Begin with a long and neutral spine, an awareness of your breath, and the increasing stillness in body and mind.

Start by setting your timer for two minutes at first. If you have more time and want to experience first hand the changing nature of mind, physical sensations, and emotions, great. This is your experiment to see what is real and what is not. Stay attentive to your breath and when your mind wanders, with gentleness and loving kindness towards self, just return to the practice at hand for these unique and special moments. Have a wonderful experiment!




Flexibility of the spine allows us to live!

Incorporating a few more twists throughout our day is medicine for releasing accumulated tension in the shoulders and the neck.

Try it! Feel the ease of a gentle twist, breathing in and softening on your complete exhale. With each exhalation, see what softens and where you can explore with playful curiosity and a half smile on your lips, in your eyes, and within your heart.




Yoga timelapse video. After another incredible ocean swim at sunrise, at Hanauma Bay on the southeastern tip of Oahu,  time to stretch out and warm-up/down the body. Even this basic sequence of asanas alivens and restores the body, breath, and mind.

I set up my camera on a tripod to make an image every few seconds. Enjoy!

Oh, and the amazing tree behind me is a huge beautiful mango tree!




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Yoga isn't just an activity that happens once a week in a spotless studio, it's a way of life. It is happening all the time. Yoga is happening right now. In this moment, this beautiful moment.

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