"I have received many massages, and Raku was simply the best. His strength of touch combined with smooth, long strokes was incredible. He incorporated acupressure, Reiki, and Thai massage and cued my breath at all the right moments. He really listened to what I had going on and created the exact experience I needed. Every detail was thoughtful and worthwhile, there was no 'regular routine' about it. Try him once, and I promise you will be back!"
Tosha B. (10/2015)
"A lot of people I know seem to have a body worker that they claim works miracles.  I have seen some of them over the years and their work, while perfectly good, has never even approached the miraculous.    

My miracle worker is Raku Loren.  A few weeks ago I had a 3 day incident with my lower back that culminated with me in so much pain that I could not stand up straight, and I literally had to crawl to the bathroom when I got up in the morning.  When I came to see Raku later that day, I basically collapsed onto his massage table because the pain was so intense that I couldn't lower myself down gently.  
Raku worked on me for about an hour. When I got up, I was still in a lot of pain and had use a cane to walk up the stairs, but he told me that in an hour or two I would probably start to feel my lower back loosen up and the pain would ease. Lo and behold, about 90 minutes later I noticed that the pain seemed to be largely gone, and half an hour later when I dared to try to roll off of my bed, I was able to stand up and walk relatively pain free.  
I saw Raku the next morning for another session, at the end of which it was almost as if the whole incident with my back had never happened.  I don't know quite how he did it, but boy is he skillful, and a really nice guy to boot."
Elliot C.
(From Yelp, 9/2015)
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